WordLock®, a World and Main brand, and the #1 selling word combination lock, is previewing cool back-to-school retail-ready assortments, with specially designed merchandising displays along with new innovative products, at the National Hardware Show, May 3-5, 2016, in Las Vegas, NV. The WordLock back-to-school programs are in stock and ready to ship now to retailers, to arrive in plenty of time for the 2016 fall selling season.

“WordLock is a killer back-to-school brand with products that kids, moms and dads all love. And, backto-school season is our biggest selling season of the year. With that in mind, we brought together our most aggressive product pricing and our best marketing support to develop a back-to-school program to fit any retailer. We have clip strip opportunities, table-top packs and full in-aisle, colorful corrugated displays that provide rich retail margins for the most innovative brand in the category,” said Howard Beech, Vice President, National Accounts, Chief Revenue Officer, WordLock.

The WordLock back-to-school merchandising program includes displays to meet almost any retailer’s needs while offering deeply discounted pricing to encourage aggressive promotions and savings for our customers. Displays include clip strips, counter top models and a customizable PDQ that offers a taste of WordLock’s top sellers for back-to-school with the opportunity to customize many of the displays. “We have discounted our hot back-to-school full-size floor display with additional show savings off the regular wholesale cost to support our customer’s fall selling programs,” said Beech. “And, all our programs are in stock now and ready to ship immediately from our California and New Jersey facilities,” said Beech.

Because words are easier to remember than numbers, WordLock helps to prevent ‘locker anxiety’ for nervous students returning to school facing the stressful task of having to remember their locker combination. Easy-to-remember word combination padlocks, stylish bicycle cable locks and secure Key Safe combination locks are among WordLock’s most popular back-to-school items. In addition to cutting-edge programs, WordLock is previewing innovative new products at the National Hardware Show. See the entire 2017 WordLock new product collection, the current best-selling core assortment, and deeply discounted back-to-school merchandising programs at booth # 5935.