PXpro™, a World and Main, LLC brand and a leading distributor of professional and DIY paint products, displayed its 2016 product collection at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. PXpro rolled out its “best” paint product assortment with new and improved products and refreshed packaging to expand its portfolio.

World and Main’s paint product line offers a complete assortment of brushes, rollers, and paint accessory kits with future plans to expand into other product lines within the category. The relaunched PXpro product assortment displayed at the 2016 National Hardware Show included Nylon/Polyester and White China Brushes, along with five varieties of Roller Covers–Microfiber,Woven, Polyester, Yellow Stripe, and a Poly/Wool blend.

“We took this opportunity to improve key products within the assortment,” said Mark Francazio, Category Director, Paint Sundries, World and Main. “This product line is built to create simplicity and value for our dealers and end-users across the country. The new attractive, easy-to-identify packaging quickly allows the consumer to identify the best solution for their needs,” said Francazio.

“These products encompass some of the highest selling items in the market, and we’ve positioned the line to maximize value and gross profit. Based on the feedback we’ve already received from key customers, we believe our retail partners will be excited with this new launch,” said Francazio.