Pest Control


World and Main brings the perfect pest control solution for you with our brands: PestGuard™, MouseGuard®, RatGuard®, FlyGuard®, RoachGuard® and MothGuard®. From traps to bait stations, our pest control assortment provides a solution for nearly every need! Our goal is to provide quality products that keep consumers safe from the dangers of pest intrusion.

We offer competitive pricing and easy-to-merchandise planograms within each of our sub-categories of pest control. We also offer an array of SKUs that include POP displays.

Rat/mouse Traps

Our most popular pest control line is the Rat and Mouse traps. World and Main provides a variety of mitigation options without requiring the use of dangerous chemicals. From reusable and single use products to wood or glue traps, we have options that are professional strength and ready to use. Our glue trap trays are baited and non-poisonous.


Insect Traps

From flying insects to roaches, World and Main provides solutions to keep bugs out of your home where they don’t belong. We offer baited and non-baited solutions such as our fly ribbon and swatters to roach baits and moth balls.