With a hexagonal steel core and nickel-plated steel windings, these strings have a balance tonality with plenty of bottom-end. Most Short Scale Basses are eligible for free shipping. You can see that playing a Fender short scale bass resembles playing a long scale with a capo on the second fret. So, total waste of money. Both sets that turned up ended up too short for my SWB 1 so I presume they have sent me old stock. Keep your eye on the blog, or maybe ‘like’ the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/shortscalebass/ to keep up to speed with it’s progress. Hi Scott! Whilst I quite love Rotosound’s long scale strings, their short scale offerings suffer with terrible overtones, particularly the low E. It’s so bad that if you fret an A at the 5th fret on the E string, it simply sounds out of tune. They do both a stainless & nickel range. having problems with intonation with any string i try. If you like Rotosound strings then my advice would be to try using long scale Rotosounds a gauge higher than you’d use on long scale and cutting them down about an inch from where the silk wrapping starts. Nothing special, good-enough, not as bright as others. Hi Scott, The gauge is very important with short scales, as to my ears anything under .105 for the E string gives it a floppy feeling. I own 3 Gibson SG basses and have tried many different string configurations, so hopefully this will help you. The most obvious reason to play a short scale bass is its physical size. D’Addario GHS You really helped me out. Love it apart from the string headache. Finally I have some time to catch up on here. I would like the most bass sound possible. Another string manufacturer to try could be Newtone as I hear they they can make specific lengths and gauges, British to! Hi Mel, i am having a difficult time finding string for my supro pocket bass. It needs thick strings and enough tension otherwise it keeps on buzzing on the frets or you have to raise the action so high that its really no fun to play it at all. All Rights Reserved. I’ve only personally tried Thomastik JF324 Jazz-flats. Both these sets have the afore mentioned thicker inner core. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: STAINLESS STEEL FLATWOUND BASS STRINGS 45-105. I still need to leave a bass in the UK, but I’m missing my SWB. Had the same problem with the E sting on that. Hi Scott, I got one of the last (I think) SWB-1’s that you set up yourself. But was looking advice on strings, some places say bridge replacement can help too, although the size of the body might not take a badass for example, or fender hi-mass. I have yet to check out the other three sets, but these Super-Steels have very quickly become my favourite round wound strings!! STAINLESS STEEL FLATWOUND MEDIUM SCALE BASS STRINGS 45-125 | 5-STRING. Super Slinky Nickel Wound Short Scale Bass Strings - 40-100 Gauge. I do indeed have plans for a 5 string, in fact the plans will be going off to the factory to have the first sample built within a day or two. For a darker more vintage-sounding flatwound you might be better served with LaBella, Thomastik or Pyramid. I’ve also tried their piccolo bass strings on my short scales which are fabulous. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Cat lover t shirts for crazy cat people like you. For the SG’s I’ve found the Labella Deep Talkin’ 760FHBB (Beatle Bass) to be the best choice if flatwound is your preference. I cant find anything on the subject! Have You ever experienced with detuning? They sound very pure in tone and have good tension. Due to ill health I’d hardly played for a long time. Short Scale Bass Guitars A short scale bass guitar somewhat bridges the gap between a conventional guitar scale length and that of a full bass. I’ve tried Fender’s acoustic and electric short scale bass strings and like them both. Ugh, I hate silks. Short Scale Medium Scale Extra Long Scale ... Thomastik Jazz Bass Flatwound Medium Scale 43-106 Bass Strings — $129.95 Regular price. Each bass guitar string produces a bright, balanced tone. The tone of the open strings was ping, ping, ping, thud. This bass is strung with Medium Scale D'Addario Chromes which have a 34" winding length from Ball End to Silk. Any recommendations on the best flats to go on a Gretsch Junior Jet? Also put a set on my Supro and sound and feel really great but I might try to find something a little brighter for my current projects. – there’s not many of these basses around, so it’s difficult getting “ANY” info. When you set up the SWB-1 basses, what strings do you put on? For example: the Hofner Violin Bass is a 30" scale bass, but with the bridge, it actually requires a set of strings with at least a 34" winding length, which depending on the string brand, is considered medium scale. Gauge unknown at present. P.S. Many thanks, Baz Miller. Hi-Beam bass strings require much more time, care and extra steps to make than other bass strings. $26.99. The scale on thier version is 26.5. What's the deal with short-scale bass guitars...and do they live up to the hype? Scale Lengths Scale Lengths Inches. A Hondo Alien from the mid ’80s (this is a headless “paddle” bass with aluminum neck – a copy of the Kramer Duke) superb sustain, but it doesn’t give you a really deep sound; a Jack & Danny bass, a model made as a sample for the Musikmesse Frankfurt which is not officially sold in Germany (yes, this is my main instrument), and a Career bass I bought used as a backup for only 30,– €, this one sounds good but is not as good to play as the others. I have recently discovered your YouTube channel and am gradually working through the videos……all good so far! Yesterday I video-reviewed their round-wound Super Steels. Short scale basses have become more popular of late and this is due to the warmer tone and the ease of playing. In the early days of electric basse… I ordered a set of D’Addario Pro Steels online just to see if they made any difference before I sold the bass and well – the difference was night & day!!! Both their flatwound and roundwound strings sound superb. I’ve got a set on order as we speak so will report back when fitted and tried. I work for GHS, and would be happy to get you some of our “proper” short scale strings for you to review and comment on. I have GHS Bassboomers on it. I’ve just fitted a set of their PSD BASS 99 (Piano String Design) to one of my SWB-1’s and they sound awesome! On mine which is due tomorrow, they should be GHS Super Steels, which are stainless steel. Quick View. Short Scale vs Medium Scale Bass Guitars. I don’t know why Scott picks and chooses but doesn’t answer all these questions, but that’s not important. Do you have one of my original SWB-1s or a Chowny-built one, Ian? Bass? Fender Hi Liz – I, too, have a TW15 and would like to try flat-wounds (see below). Scott. I like a string with a bit of tension, not too floppy. I have (very) cheap Harley Benson Short scale P bass in the mail, which I intend to modify and string up as a piccolo……….should be fun! D’Addario’s flatwound strings are equally fabulous, although for some they sound a little bright and they are slightly higher in tension. Greetings from Germany. If the speaking length of the string is wound around the post, the string may then be prone to breakage. Our Short Scale Nickel-Plated Steel Roundwound have a taper at 32″ from the ball end. When I got my first short scale, a Danelectro Longhorn, the only short scale strings available locally were Rotosound. String choice is of course a very personal thing and these are only my personal opinions…. resultantly my longscale gets played & my short scale doesn’t. I am attracted by the description that they have a double bass sound but wonder if they would be as silky as flat-wounds: Whether you're a student just starting out on bass guitar, a bass player with smaller hands, or just a lover of the short-scale bass punch and tone, you've landed in the right place. D’Addario’s round-wounds are the most consistent and pro-sounding short scale roundwounds on the planet imho! When I first plugged the Dano in after fitting the ProSteels I could not believe what I was hearing. It’s a real shame because they feel great and playing fast on them is a breeze. Website – http://intl.fender.com/en-AT/accessories/strings/. Having not brought a set of bass strings for 15 years and not brought any short scale ones for well over 25 years the choice and the range in price has been a little overwhelming. Easier to play and deeper in tone, these instruments are more popular than ever before! The set I used was the La Bella M42s – http://www.labella.com/products/m42/. IN STOCK! The strings feel much smoother than other stainless rounds I’ve used and overall are, fr me,  the best roundwound short-scale strings I’ve used to date! After reading this I feel I’m making a more informed decision, so gonna start with what I know & like, with 105 Stainless Steel round wound (D’Addarios) and go from there. I can’t thank you enough for prolonging my career. Sorry Rotosound but in my opinion these strings are AWFUL!!!! Bass strings on a short-scale are under less tension that on a long scale so if you’re used to using say 40-95 on a long scale, you may need to go up a gauge to 45-100 to get the tension back to where you like it. The range of dedicated short scale bass strings available is relatively limited, although there are thankfully still enough to suit all of us! Will I have to get a Mustang? Short Scale 30. Hi Scott Some Advantages Of Playing a Short Scale Bass. Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Short Scale Electric Bass Strings are made from nickel plated steel wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire. I had that fixed and are very satisfied with the bass. http://intl.fender.com/en-AT/accessories/strings/, http://www.aquilacorde.com/modern-instrument-sets/modern-instrument/2813/short-bass-one/?lang=en, http://www.hofner-guitars.com/guitar-accessories/guitar-strings/bass-strings-contemporary.html. I use them on three short scale basses. I’m out in Greece halfway up a mountain so internet shopping is my only choice which doesn’t help. How do the Chowny ones stack up against your originals? classic & heavy, also middle of the road on occasion, but always want that growl and bite. I’d go with GHS Precision Flats, personally. Furthermore, shorter strings require lower string tension for proper intonation, which gives both a looser, more “floppy” feel to the strings as well as fatter-sounding low notes. My only gripe with D’Addario is they do their ‘super-light’ gauge in Nickel?! Pure, solid lows with beautiful bell-like highs!!! All the best to you Scott. I checked the intonation and it was very slightly out, but not enough to produce such a bad sound. This is the ideal taper-length for most 29″ and 30″ scale basses. what would you recommend for SQ Jaguar Special? This type of breakage is not covered by our normal warranty. But since GHS came up with their balanced set of 44-106 I’ve been using them exclusively. Anyroadup looking for a replacement fot the Rotosound disaster, which Labella set are the “growlers”, I’m a bit confused by the range……but I do like a growler! GHS’s ‘Super Steels’ I found to be a very powerful, growly round-wound string. I’ve always had a set of 50-105 D’addario on my short scale basses, and even Eb tuning would sound great. Take your time doing it – there is a risk you could damage the string although I’ve done this countless times with no problem whatsoever. short short scale. If you love great short-scale Fender basses such as the Musicmaster™, Bronco™ and Mustang®, there's no better way to enhance the full sound of your instrument while maintaining optimal tuning stability. Simply put – you won’t go far wrong using LaBella on your short-scale bass! Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. 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